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Call for Silent Auction Donations

The WGA is inviting donations for its silent auction to be held at the AGM, Writing Across WorldsJune 7 – 9 at the Coast Edmonton Plaza Hotel. In the past we’ve had donations of restaurant, spa, bookstore and other retail gift cards, as well as unused books, jewelry, art, furniture, wine, spirits,(sealed, new) bath and body products—you name it. If you are donating a certificate or item from a retail business, the business logo will be included in our program. We’re keen to put our creative energies into creating a dazzling display.

Members, also please consider donating the gift of your time and skills to the WGA Silent Auction. There are many services you could donate such as a workshop, the editing of a short story or a specified number of poems, the writing a poem for a special occasion, a discussion on a topic on which you have expertise, a writers’ get-together, WHATEVER. If you are interested in contributing to the WGA in this way, please write up the details your donation, including the following:  

1) an exact description of your donated activity
2) the location, for example, Red Deer and area, OR to be conducted on-line etc.
3) the monetary value of your donation (Visit THIS PAGE for recommendation on writing service rates)
4) the number of people you will take if not a one-on-one activity
5) if you are donating more than one, one-on-one session, please write up a separate notice for each donated session.

Email your donation write-up to [email protected]

Edmonton donations can be left at WGA Head Office between 9:00 and 4:30, Monday to Friday at the Percy Page Centre, 11759 Groat Road, NW until Wednesday, May 22. For questions regarding silent auction donations, please contact Lisa Mulrooney at [email protected].

For questions regarding silent auction donations, please contact Joan Crate at [email protected].

Thanks for supporting your Guild!  

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