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Deadline: August 10

**Revised August 20
The 2020/21 board of the WGA will be elected at the Virtual AGM in September. There will be at least one opening for Vice-President and one opening for Member at Large. As well, two members have put their names forward for re-election for the positions of President and Youth Member at Large.

Nominations are welcome from members from across the province with a view to creating a Board with a diversity of backgrounds, experience, and perspectives, including diversity with respect to race, gender, geography, and areas of expertise. There shall be no more than three members of the board who reside in the same centre. One Edmonton member will remain on the board to complete their term and two Edmonton members have put their name forward for re-election for a second term of office.

A member who has served two full consecutive terms shall not be eligible to serve again as a Director before the passing of two years.

Written nominations for the Board of Directors may be made in advance of the AGM, signed by the candidate and two members of the WGA who are in good standing.  Additionally, nominations and seconding motions may be put forth at the AGM by WGA members who are in good standing with the consent of the nominee. 

Advance nominations will be included in the AGM materials if are received by Monday, August 10 to [email protected] Please include a brief bio and an election statement (total maximum 200 words) and email from two members to indicate support for your nomination.

If you are interested in discussing the positions available, please contact Leslie Chivers at [email protected]

For further information please see the Board Recruitment Brochure available here.

Click HERE to see the list of board Candidates and Incumbents.

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