Book Women Podcast Series

Three Metis aunties just trying to figure out the world of publishing, and chatting about books.

Learn more about masinahikan iskwêwak – Book Women Podcast – HERE

Music Credit for All Episodes: Broke for Free – “Something Elated”

Episode 7: masinahikan iskwêwak – Book Women Podcast with Métis in SPACE SPAce space

An Interview with Chelsea Vowel and Molly Swain, hosts of Métis in Space to chat about storytelling in the podcasting medium.

Episode 6: Predatory Publishing and Cultural Appropriation

What is predatory publishing and what does it have to do with cultural appropriation? It’s just us for this episode as we delve into this topic.

Episode 5: Gabrielle LaMontagne

An interview with Gabrielle LaMontagne about her newest project: a Michif picture book about Lac Ste. Anne!

Episode 4: Paul Gareau

An interview with Paul Gareau about his experiences writing and editing in academia.

Episode 3: Tammy Ball

An interview with Tammy Ball about the book she is currently writing which tells her story of growing up Métis in St. Ambroise, Manitoba.

Episode 2: Making Zines with Ambrose

An Interview with Ambrose Cardinal about his project Nanâtawihiwên, a zine dedicated to Indigenous healing centred around the Medicine Wheel. 

Episode 1: Introducing the Book Women

An introduction to Tanya Ball, Kayla Lar-son, and Sheila Laroque; who discuss their publication and writing experience and what this podcast will be about.

Music Credit for All Episodes: Broke for Free – “Something Elated”

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