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Anti-Racism Collaboration

Please see the statement from The Writers’ Union of Canada, condemning racism.

Recent events have been a stark reminder of the inequality and injustice that exists against the Black community in our society. These tragedies have led many of us to reflect on how we can be more informed active contributors toward positive change in our communities. We may not have all the answers, but we believe this change begins with listening and facilitating dialogue to ensure diverse voices are amplified and heard. 

We stand with all writers, artists—and Canadians—in the fight against racism. In solidarity with the movement that is sweeping North America, we ask members to please send us articles or book titles that showcase Black and underreported voices and stories of racial injustices. These include Black, Indigenous, immigrant, POC, and all habitually underreported voices.

Please, send your stories and articles to [email protected].

In partnership with the Book Publishers Association of Alberta, we are collaborating on the Diversity and Inclusion Reading List that both condemns racism against black people and promotes underreported voices.

We recognize that Canada is not free from its prejudices against POC.

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