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Amber-Webb Bowerman Memorial Foundation Online Fundraiser

Like so many other gatherings, the 11th annual SugarBowl is cancelled for this August due to COVID-19 precautions.

The decision to shut down SugarBowl 2020 does not mean, however, that fun and charity are on hold. Indeed, the world needs more of both those things in bigger, more meaningful doses. And who better than Calgary’s large-hearted recreational lawn-bowling community to dole them out? (Don’t answer that.)

The Amber-Webb Bowerman Foundation wants to channel your thwarted competitive urge to throw bowls into something positive (you’re welcome!). Not only that, but they know that supporting emerging writers and artists is a critical piece of keeping our city robust and vibrant as we move forward. 

Taking a cue, as always, from Amber’s spirit of generosity, her creativity and her goofy yet determined approach to life, they will proceed to name a champion of the 2020 Sugar Bowl — but this year? You can be the lousiest bowler ever and still win. 

The two winningest donors, that is, the individuals or teams who make the biggest $ donations to the Amber Webb-Bowerman Memorial Foundation by Saturday, August 22, 2020, will get their names engraved on our coveted Sugar Bowl trophies, joining the legacy of stellar Sugar Bowl winners.

So, make haste and donate today:

Please indicate donations are for Team WordsWorth.

We could soon have the Sugar Bowl bragging rights we’ve always dreamed of. In the meantime, stay healthy and safe, and we look forward to the announcement of the 2020 Sugar Bowl Champion soon!

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