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For those who have not yet seen the WGA’s notice about the Alight Solutions email that was circulated to WGA members who have an online profile with our website.

It has come to our attention that a number of members received emails from a company called Alight Solutions (subject: Proofreading Job), who appear to have contacted several WGA members using their public member profile contact information (if you received such an email and do not have a public profile, please let us know right away). A few members have reached out to us inquiring if this is a scam; according to the Saskatchewan Writers’ Guild it may be:

Dear Members,
It has come to our attention that several of you received an email from Alight Solutions regarding an editing job. This is a scam and we urge you to report it to CASL ( and to not reply to it.”

~ SWG Ebriefs newsletter

Our best advice in any situation such as this one is to do your own due diligence as well and find out what you can online. A Google search and checking out sites such as the Better Business Bureau, Glass Door (where past or current employees may have left comments), and others (as well as the company’s own website and online presence) can offer some insight into the company.

We’ve also been contacted by the individual whose website and name have been used to send the message. This individual has informed us that they are not responsible for the emails and are not looking to hire proofreaders, nor is the sender email address legitimate.

We strongly recommend to anyone who has been sent this email to not respond and to delete it.

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