Executive DirectorCarol Holmes
 Carol has an extensive history of working in the arts in a variety of capacities including director, manager, and festival producer.  She has worked with the WGA since 2008. Prior to that she was the director of literary arts and international agreements at The Banff Centre.  Carol is a keen advocate for the arts and enjoys working on development, creation, and the launch of new initiatives that meet the needs of the writing community.
Program CoordinatorCynthia Valencia
 As a writer, Cynthia self-classifies under the category “Blocked.”  She wrote her first book at 10 years old, an illustrated children’s book about a hardworking ant (ants were easy to draw). She self-published with hand-sewn scrap paper. That rare copy was lost to humanity due to her mother’s relentless decluttering. After getting her degree in Broadcast Communications from the University of the Philippines, she wrote radio scripts for a values-based drama program that aired in remote provinces where radio was often the only form of entertainment. However, she succumbed to the fear of starvation and gave up freelance writing in favor of a corporate job. Cynthia spent 25 years working for Warner Bros. in Los Angeles. During this period, she took a break from creative writing to raise a family, taking solace that she was “writing” log lines for the worldwide database she designed and managed for the behemoth studio. In 2016, she took Billy Joel’s song seriously and said goodbye to Hollywood. She moved to Edmonton, choosing to work only at non-profit agencies, her version of hitting the reset the button on life. She took on roles as community educator and community resource specialist before joining the WGA as the Program Coordinator. These days, she’s been pinching herself to make sure it’s all for real — she really got her dream job at last.
Program Director (Calgary)Samantha Warwick
 Samantha manages WGA events and programs in Calgary. She is the author of the novel Sage Island, and her nonfiction and poetry have been broadcast on CBC Radio and appeared in various literary and commercial publications including Geist, Event, The Globe & Mail and FASHION. She has directed over 200 of the WGA's Calgary-based events, programs and conferences since 2005. When she is not writing, hosting literary events or coaching swimming, she walks the city with her tiny dog Lulu, reads many books, keeps warm in hot yoga and builds fires at a cabin in the woods | 
Communications and Partnerships CoordinatorEllen Kartz
 Born and raised in Edmonton, Ellen lived in Calgary for four years while completing her Bachelor of Arts degree. Subsequently, she completed a Master of Fine Arts in Creative Writing at the University of British Columbia. She tutored other students to pay her way through university and has also taught guitar; she has played the instrument since she was 12 years old. As an active writer and freelance editor throughout her career, Ellen worked with and for the Edmonton Poetry Festival for many years as a volunteer coordinator, event planner, founding member, and board member. She says that she is thrilled and excited to come to the Writers' Guild of Alberta after all of her other literary and artistic endeavours.
Operations ManagerGiorgia Severini
 Giorgia has been with the Writers’ Guild of Alberta since 2008 and has spent the time gathering information and developing resources to best serve Alberta writers. She has a BA Honours in English from the University of Manitoba and an MA in Drama from the University of Alberta. Outside of the Writers’ Guild of Alberta, she has been a theatre director for more than a decade and a playwright in recent years. Her first original play, Going Viral, was produced at the Edmonton Fringe Festival in 2010.