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When employment/contract opportunities arise, the WGA is dedicated to selecting authors from across the province using fair and transparent methods. We take care and attention to represent various communities, cultures, genders, ages, and experiences from across the province when a position becomes available. In all offers of contracts/employment, we will give preference to WGA members.


Research Position

The Writers’ Guild of Alberta (WGA) seeks to fill a contract position for 100 hours between May 1 and August 31, 2017. The qualified applicant will be a person of Aboriginal descent, be a professional writer or demonstrate proficient writing ability, demonstrate an understanding of research involving information-gathering from documents and in-person interviews, as well as demonstrate the ability to prepare, present and disseminate results.

The Writers’ Guild of Alberta was formed in 1980 to provide a meeting ground and a collective voice for Alberta writers. Through our programs and services, the WGA strives to connect writers and provide development opportunities for writers at every level of experience and achievement. We aim to recognize and promote literary excellence in Alberta’s authors, within and beyond the borders of our province.

The successful candidate will be guided by the following research inquiry: As a provincial organization committed to inspiring, connecting, supporting, encouraging, and promoting writers and writing: what are best practices—processes, procedures and staff training needs—for creating new relationships with Aboriginal writers; what are the unique needs of Aboriginal professional and emerging writers; and what innovative programs might be implemented as a result of this research?

  1. The researcher will consult with various professionals to gain an understanding of the unique needs of Aboriginal writers, of best practices for forming relationships with Aboriginal writers, and best practices for designing and delivering programming specific to the findings above.
  2. The researcher will gather information from organizations that have prioritized programming for linguistically and culturally diverse artists, specifically Aboriginal artists.
  3. In addition to reporting on the above, the researcher will assess the findings, make recommendations, including short-term and long-term goals, and offer measurable indicators of success.

Terms of contract: 100 hours, May to August, $4000
Please send cover letter and resume to [email protected]
Application deadline: May 8, 2017

This research project is funded in part by



Recurring Positions

WGA-Selected Positions

Please note that the positions below are not application based but WGA-selected, subject to criteria and funding. Further opportunities are posted above and in WriteClick. 

  • Award Juries: Jury selection endeavours to employ writers and other literary people who have experience and expertise with particular categories of writing. Having representation from different parts of the province is important to us. Every jury for the Alberta Literary Awards includes one out-of-province person.
  • Monthly Event Presenters: We count on the expertise of our staff, who plan the monthly events in Calgary and Edmonton, to keep track of who has been featured in the past, who has new books out, who is on tour, and who works around a certain theme. Our staff is also responsible for balancing the budget, and consideration of this often comes into play during the selection process. This is also the case with smaller conferences.
  • Annual Conference Presenters: Our large conferences offer a broader range of positions and, as such, we post a call for submissions. The WGA also leaves room for hand-selected authors who would like to be seen by the community and who may be sponsored or already on tour.