Board of Directors

If you are interested in serving on the Board of Directors, please see our Board Recruitment Brochure for more information. For a breakdown of the time and financial commitments required of WGA Board members, click here.

President:Blaine Newton, Edmonton

Blaine is a playwright, sketch and fiction writer, improviser and sometime engineer.

When not bragging about himself in the third person, he has written sketches for shows you’ve never seen, short stories for magazines and anthologies you’ve never read, and plays for an audience of well under a million people. This, combined with his engineering training, allows him to alter current reality by day while creating alternate realities at night.

His recent theatre productions include The Thin Grey Line, Cursive Writing Productions; Bravo, Shadow Theatre; Five Stages of Death, Cursive Writing Productions; and Oral Fixations (co-written with author Leslie Greentree), Ignition Theatre. His recent publications include the stories By the Numbers, Freefall Magazine, and Life in a Bottle, University of Bristol 2021 Anthology.

He’s a member of the Playwrights Guild of Canada, a past-president of the Writers’ Guild of Alberta, and served two terms as president of Alberta Playwrights’ Network.

Vice President:Teresa Wouters, Grande Prairie

Teresa Wouters is a returning WGA board member with years of experience on a variety of boards. She is the second place winner of the 2021 Kemosa Scholarship for First Nations, Métis, and Inuit Mothers Who Write. As well, Teresa hosts the Otâcimow Indigenous Writers Circle. Teresa lives in Grande Prairie as a teacher, author, musician, actress and television personality, and entrepreneur. Her goals, as an author, are to entertain, educate, and inspire.

Treasurer:Olga Krochak Sulkin, Calgary

Olga Krochak Sulkin has been a member of WGA since 2020. She received her BA in English Literature and Communication from Tel Aviv University, Israel, and MA in English Literature from University of Calgary. Olga has been writing poetry and short fiction since she was six and has published a few poems and academic articles. For over two decades Olga has been involved in the non-profit sector in various roles and is very excited to join WGA board as the new Treasurer. Currently Olga is the Director of Philanthropy for Spinal Cord Injury Alberta and is working on her first middle-grade novel.

Secretary:Lori Hahnel, Calgary

Lori Hahnel is the author of two novels, Love Minus Zero (Oberon, 2008) and After You’ve Gone (Thistledown, 2014); and two short story collections, Nothing Sacred (Thistledown, 2009), and Vermin: Stories (Enfield & Wizenty, 2020). Her work aired on CBC Radio and appeared in The Fiddlehead, Joyland, Prairie Fire, Room, The Antigonish Review, The Saturday Evening Post and other publications in North America, Australia and the United Kingdom. Lori teaches creative writing and was author-in-residence at the Calgary Public Library in 2020.

Members at Large:
Dr. Kimberly Fraser, Sherwood Park
Dr. Kimberly Fraser, an author with an MFA in Creative Nonfiction, has extensive clinical practice and leadership in nursing and health care. A nurse entrepreneur, Kim owned a successful home care company and vocational school with her husband for 25 years.

Her research program and her writing focus on family caregiving and home care using innovative and arts-based approaches. She recently retired from her fulltime role as a professor (University of Alberta) and Clinician Scientist (Alberta Health Services). Kim uses applied research to incite public conversations and inform policy for better outcomes for home care clients and family caregivers. Kim has embarked on a second career as author and recently completed her first full length book manuscript, The Accidental Caregiver, forthcoming in 2021. She does contract teaching with Athabasca University.

Kim has been active on several community boards in the past and is currently, she Vice-President of Caregivers Alberta. She is looking forward to the second year of her term on the board with WGA.

Nicole Hill, Edmonton

Nicole Hill is a new member of the WGA Board. She is the author and co-author of an array of academic and public-facing nonfiction works. Most recently, she co-edited Obstetric Violence: Realities and Resistance from Around the World (forthcoming 2022), in which she is also a chapter author. Nicole has a BA in sociology, an MA in integrated studies from Athabasca University and a PhD (ABD) in sociology from the University of Alberta. She served as co-editor and board member of the Journal of Integrated Studies and vice president academic of the Athabasca University Graduate Students’ Association. Nicole has a passion for storytelling and progressive works that enrich and challenge our ways of thinking and doing.

Moorea Gray, Calgary

Moorea Gray is an active member of the WGA since 2004. I have participated in workshops, attended Alberta Literary Awards events and written for WestWord. The WGA has provided me with many long-lasting opportunities, and it is my turn to give back to this important writing organization. I have a great interest and involvement in Alberta literature—past and present. In 2019, I published an anthology of the works of Icelandic-Canadian writer Stephan G. Stephansson. I am vice president of the Calgary Women’s Literary Club and secretary for the Leif Eriksson Iceland Club. In 2021, I completed a two-year term as a committee member with the Calgary Distinguished Writers’ Program at the University of Calgary. I hold a BEd and an MA in English Literature. Substitute teaching for children in kindergarten to Grade six is a highlight of my school year. Teaching offers me the opportunity to read and share my love of literature with a captive audience.

Member at Large (Youth Rep):Sophie Pinkoski, Edmonton
Sophie Pinkoski has been active on the board since October 2017 and is the current chair of the WGA Youth Committee. She received a Bachelor of Arts in English from the University of Victoria, and a Master of Science in Publishing from Edinburgh Napier University. She is a dark fantasy novelist in both the adult and young adult age brackets and offers marketing and editorial services through Pinkoski Consulting. While completing her Master’s, she took on a Managing Editor role at Merchiston Publishing and Features Editor role for Buzz Magazine, as well as working in the Children’s Marketing and Publicity office at Penguin Random House London. Her experience in the UK has given her opportunities to work closely alongside agents, publishers, and authors alike.
Past President:Carol Parchewsky, Calgary

Carol Parchewsky has been an active member of the WGA for over four years. She received her MFA in creative writing from Queens University of Charlotte, North Carolina, her BSc in mechanical engineering from the University of Saskatchewan, and postgraduate certificates in professional management—PEG, e-Learning, and creative writing from the University of Calgary. She is a knowledgeable senior leader with experience in government organizations, civic organizations, and the private sector. She is operations director of Legend Grafix, an all-inclusive graphic design house and wide-format printer in Calgary. Carol teaches ESL classes and writing classes, writes picture books, middle grade, adult fiction, poetry, and creative nonfiction. She is working on a novel and a collection of short stories.

President:Carol Parchewsky, Calgary
Vice President:Theresa Uchechi Ezeuko, Calgary
Treasurer:Nicolas Brown, Westlock
Secretary:Lori Hahnel, Calgary
Past President:
Members at Large:Alison Clarke, Edmonton | Lisa Mulrooney, Stony Plain | Dr. Kimberly Fraser, Sherwood Park | Teresa Wouters, Grande Prairie | Sophie Pinkoski, Edmonton (Youth Rep)
President:Leslie Chivers, Edmonton
Vice President:Leanne Myggland-Carter, Spruce Grove
Treasurer:Susan Carpenter, Calgary
Secretary:Kevin Thornton, Fort McMurray
Past President:Carol Parchewsky, Calgary
Members at Large:Dr. Kimberly Fraser, Sherwood Park |Teresa Wouters, Grande Prairie | Sophie Pinkoski, Edmonton (Youth Rep)
President:Carol Parchewsky, Calgary
Vice President:Leslie Chivers, Edmonton
Treasurer:Falon Reed, Redwater
Secretary:Lori Hahnel, Calgary
Past President:Dustin Archibald, Grande Prairie
Members at Large:Alison Clarke, Edmonton | Joan Crate, Calgary | Lisa Mulrooney, Stony Plain |
Sophie Pinkoski, Edmonton (Youth Rep)
President:Dustin Archibald, Grande Prairie
Vice President:Carol Parchewsky, Calgary
Treasurer:Falon Reed, Redwater
Secretary:Lori Hahnel, Calgary
Past President:Anne Logan, Calgary
Members at Large:Alison Clarke, Edmonton | Joan Crate, Calgary | Leslie Chivers, Edmonton |
Sophie Pinkoski, Edmonton (Youth Rep)
President:Anne Logan, Calgary
Vice President:Dustin Archibald, Grande Prairie
Treasurer:Falon Reed, Redwater
Secretary:Fran Kimmel, Lacombe
Past President:Barb Howard, Calgary
Members at Large:Karen Pheasant, Edmonton | Kim McCullough, Calgary | Marc Colbourne, Edmonton |
Teresa Wouters, Grande Prairie | Rachel Lee, Edmonton (Youth Rep)
President:Barb Howard, Calgary
Vice President:Anne Logan, Calgary
Treasurer:Falon Reed, Redwater
Secretary:Fran Kimmel, Lacombe
Past President:Peter Midgley, Edmonton
Members at Large:Dustin Archibald, Grande Prairie | Leslie Chivers, Edmonton | Terry Cho, Calgary |
Karen Pheasant, Edmonton | Barbori G. Streibl, Calgary (Youth Rep)
President:Peter Midgley, Edmonton
Vice President:Barb Howard, Calgary
Treasurer:Kimberley Champigny, Red Deer
Secretary:Anne Logan, Calgary
Past President:Vacant
Members at Large:Leslie Chivers, Edmonton | Terry Cho, Calgary | Fran Kimmel, Lacombe |
Rena J. Traxel, Onoway | Barbori Streibl, Calgary (Youth Rep)
President:Peter Midgley, Edmonton
Vice President:Barb Howard, Bragg Creek
Treasurer:Kimberley Champigny, Red Deer
Secretary:Ann Logan, Calgary
Past President:Julie Sedivy, Calgary
Members at Large:Fran Kimmel, Lacombe | Shannon Lepine, Edmonton (Youth Rep) |
Dianne Linden, Edmonton | Rena Traxel-Boudreau, Onoway
President:Julie Sedivy, Calgary
Vice President:Peter Midgley, Edmonton
Treasurer:Kimberley Champigny, Red Deer
Past President:Patricia MacQuarrie, Wetaskiwin
Members at Large:Janet Gurtler, Calgary | Barb Howard, Bragg Creek | Fran Kimmel, Lacombe |
Shannon Lepine, Edmonton (Youth Rep) | Dianne Linden, Edmonton
President:Patricia MacQuarrie, Wetaskiwin
Vice President:Julie Sedivy, Calgary
Treasurer:Kimberley Champigny, Red Deer
Secretary:Rosemary Griebel, Calgary
Past President:Patricia MacQuarrie, Wetaskiwin
Members at Large:Jordanna Bubar, Edmonton (Youth Rep) | Dianne Linden, Edmonton | Peter Midgley, Edmonton |
Susan Toy, Calgary | Teresa Wouters, Grande Prairie
President:Patricia MacQuarrie, Wetaskiwin
Vice President:Julie Sedivy, Calgary
Treasurer:Kimberley Champigny, Red Deer
Secretary:Rosemary Griebel, Calgary
Past President:Audrey Seehagen, Edmonton
Members at Large:Leslie Greentree, Red Deer | Jennifer Kunlire, Calgary (youth member) |
Dianne Linden, Edmonton | Teresa Wouters, Grande Prairie
President:Audrey Seehagen, Edmonton
Vice President:Ian LeTourneau, Athabasca
Treasurer:David Richardson, Grande Prairie
Secretary:Patricia MacQuarrie, Wetaskiwin
Past President:Blaine Newton, Red Deer
Members at Large:Karen Bass, Hythe | Leslie Greentree, Red Deer | Rosemary Griebel, Calgary |
Jennifer Kunlire, Calgary (youth member) | Julie Sedivy, Calgary
President:Blaine Newton, Red Deer
Vice President:Audrey Seehagen, Edmonton
Treasurer:David Richardson, Grande Prairie
Secretary:Karen Bass, Hythe
Past President:Dymphny Dronyk, Grande Prairie
Members at Large:Rosemary Griebel, Calgary | Jennifer Kunlire, Calgary (youth member) | Patricia MacQuarrie, Wetaskiwin | Shirley Serviss, Edmonton | Ian LeTourneau, Athabasca
President:Dymphny Dronyk, Grande Prairie
Vice President:Blaine Newton, Red Deer
Treasurer:Arthur Kan, Edmonton
Secretary:Audrey Seehagen, Edmonton
Past President:Lori Lavallee, Lethbridge
Members at Large:Karen Bass, Hythe | J. Paul Cooper, Calgary | Shirley Serviss, Edmonton
Richard Stevenson, Lethbridge
President:Lori Lavallee, Lethbridge
Vice President:Kelly Clemmer, Wainwright
Treasurer:Arthur Kan, Edmonton
Secretary:Dymphny Dronyk, Grande Prairie
Past President:Vern Thiessen, Edmonton
Members at Large:Alexis Hillier, Edmonton (youth member) | Audrey Seehagen, Edmonton |
J. Paul Cooper, Calgary
President:Vern Thiessen, Edmonton
Vice President:Lori Lavallee, Lethbridge
Treasurer:Arthur Kan, Edmonton
Secretary:John Mulholland, Grande Cache
Past President:Vivian Hansen
Members at Large:Kathryn Arnold, Edmonton | Kelly Clemmer, Wainwright |
Dymphny Dronyk, Grande Prairie | Alexis Hillier, Edmonton (youth member)
*elected at the Special General Meeting, December 11, 2004, Red Deer
President:Vern Thiessen, Edmonton*
Vice President:Lori Lavallee, Lethbridge*
Treasurer:Joan Marklund, Drumheller
Secretary:Lorna Klose, Calgary*
Past President:Vivian Hansen, Calgary
Members at Large:Kathryn Arnold, Edmonton* | Kelly Clemmer, Wainwright* | Marilyn Dumont, Edmonton |
John Mulholland, Grande Cache* | Wendy Rajala, Calgary*
2004/2005 (elected at AGM)
President:Anne Burke, Calgary
Vice President:Harvey Walker, St. Albert
Treasurer:Joan Marklund, Drumheller
Secretary:Gail Gravelines, Edmonton
Past President:Vivian Hansen, Calgary
Members at Large:Marilyn Dumont, Edmonton | Michelle Greyson, Cochrane
| Rebecca Holand, Lethbridge | Faye Holt, Calgary
President:Vivian Hansen, Calgary
Vice President:Anne Burke, Calgary
Treasurer:Susan Weckesser, Whitecourt
Secretary:Vivia Oliver, Caroline
Past President:Christina Grant, Edmonton
Members at Large:David Breakenridge, Sherwood Park | Michelle Greysen, Cochrane |
Bob Stallworthy, Calgary | Harvey Walker, St. Albert
President:Christina Grant, Edmonton
Vice President:Sharon Drummond, Calgary
Treasurer:Diane Schuller, Hythe
Secretary:Michael Penny, Edmonton
Past President:Suzette Mayr, Calgary
Members at Large:Vivian Hansen, Calgary | Richard Stevenson, Lethbridge | Diane Schuller, Hythe | Lyle Weis, Edmonton
President:Suzette Mayr, Calgary
Vice President:Christina Grant, Athabasca
Treasurer:Mark Giles, Calgary
Secretary:Linda Goyette, Edmonton
Members at Large:Sharon Drummond, Calgary | Ruth C. Mackay, Millerville | Anna Mioduchowska, Edmonton | Diane Walton, Alberta Beach
President:Geo Takach, Edmonton
Vice President:Suzette Mayr, Calgary
Treasurer:Leo Jacques, Red Deer
Secretary:Mark Giles, Calgary
Members at Large:

Christina M. Grant, Athabasca | Ruth C. MacKay, Millerville | Anna Mioduchowska, Edmonton | Diane Walton, Alberta Beach

President:Anne Burke, Calgary
Vice President:George Takach, Edmonton
Treasurer:Leo Jacques, Red Deer
Secretary:David Huggett, Edmonton
Members at Large:

Rosemary Nixon, Calgary | Bernard Bloom, Calgary | Don Trembath, Morinville |
Christine M. Grant, Athabasca

President:Scot Morison
Vice President:Anne Burke, Calgary
Treasurer:Leo L. Jacques, Red Deer
Secretary:David Huggett, Edmonton
Members at Large:

Rosemary Nixon, Calgary | Sandra Wunsch, Medicine Hat |
Don Trembath, Morinville | Bernard Bloom, Calgary

President:Tololwa Mollel, Edmonton
Vice President:Shirley Serviss, Edmonton
Treasurer:Paul Harris, Red Deer
Secretary:Cherylyn Stacey, Edmonton
Members at Large:

Elizabeth Celements, Medicine Hat | Sarah Murphy, Calgary |
Anne Burke, Calgary | David Poulsen, Claresholm

President:Fred Stenson
Vice President:Tololwa Mollel
Treasurer:Paul Harris
Secretary:Cheryl Chamberlain
Members at Large:

Caterina Edwards | Jenny King-Brown | Sarah Murphy | Anne Burke

President:Darlene Quaife
Vice President:Fred Stenson
Treasurer:Michael Penny
Secretary:Diane Walton
Members at Large:

Jars Balan | Paul Harris | John Glawson | David Poulsen | Miki Andrejevic

President:Alice Major
Vice President:Darlene Quaife
Treasurer:E. Stewart Bishop
Secretary:Diane Walton
Members at Large:

Robert Runte | Lyn Thompson | Jars Balan | Irene Morck

President:Candas Jane Dorsey
Vice President:Alice Major
Treasurer:E Stewart Bishop
Secretary:Robert Runte
Members at Large:

Dave Duncan | Lyn Thompson | Diane Walton | Janeen Werner-King

President:George Melnyk
Vice President:Candas Jane Dorsey
Treasurer:E. Stewart Bishop
Secretary:Robert Runte
Members at Large:

Marie Jakober | Shirlee Matheson | Charles Noble | Diane Walton

President:Reg Silvester
Vice President:George Melnyk
Treasurer:Yvonne Adam
Secretary:Caterina Edwards
Members at Large:

Candas Jane Dorsey | Sarah Murphy | Charles Noble | Fred Wah

President:Jon Whyte
Vice President:Reg Silvester
Treasurer:Michael Penny
Secretary:Amber Hayward
Members at Large:

Caterina Edwards | Larry Harris | Sarah Murphy | Lorine Sweeney

President:Myrna Kostash
Vice President:Jon Whyte
Treasurer:Michael Penny
Secretary:Amber Hayward
Members at Large:

Lorine Sweeney | Darlene Quaife | Roberta Rees-Whalley | Melody Szabo

President:Aritha van Herk
Vice President:Myrna Kostash
Treasurer:Becky Romanchych
Secretary:Monica Hughes
Members at Large:

Sylvia Bough | Mary Howes | Birk Sproxton | Andrew Wreggitt

President:Martyn Godfrey
Vice President:Aritha van Herk
Treasurer:Phyllis Shuell
Members at Large:

Monica Hughes | Sylvia Bough | Joan Crate Taylor | Andrew Wreggitt

President:Monty Reid
Vice President:Martyn Godfrey
Treasurer:Phyllis Shuell
Secretary:Mark Lowey
Members at Large:

Sylvia Bough | Rebecca Luce-Kapler | Andrea Spalding | Richard Stevenson

President:Gloria Sawai
Vice President:Monty Reid
Treasurer:James W. Fishbourne
Secretary:Shirlee Matheson
Members at Large:

Elona Malterre | Don Meredith | Andrea Spalding | P. Derryn Yeomans

President:Chris Wiseman
Vice President:Lorne Daniel
Treasurer:Clair Woodbury
Secretary:Shirlee Matheson
Members at Large:

Elona Malterre | Rhonda McAdam | Monty Reid | Cora Weber-Pillwax

President:Joan Clark
Vice President:Kathy Osgood
Treasurer:Mary Woodbury
Secretary:Ian Adam
Members at Large:

Sharleen Chevreaux | Bill Latta | Marie Moser | Marilynn Stratton | Mary Riskin

President:Ted Blodgett
Vice President:Tim Christison
Treasurer:Reg Silvester
Secretary:Mary Riskin
Members at Large:

Cathy Reninger | Doug Barbour | Fred Stenson | Sharleen Chevreaux

President:Ted Blodgett
Vice President:Tim Christison
Treasurer:Reg Silvester
Secretary:Mary Riskin
Members at Large:

Cathy Reninger | Doug Barbour | Fred Stenson | Sharleen Chevreaux

President:Rudy Wiebe
Vice President:Christopher Wiseman
Treasurer:Beverly Hocking
Secretary:Merna Summers
Members at Large:

Joan Clark | Jan Truss | William Latta | Ted Blodgett