WordsWorth: Should You Apply?

WordsWorth Summer Youth Writing Residency July 8-13 and July 15-21, 2012

Should you Apply?

WorthWorth runs two weeks in the summer at Kamp Kiwanis. It is open to writers who believe in the power of words. Writers who are hungry, passionate and interested in the craft of writing, the beauty of meaning and what happens when words are used between friends should apply.

Do you have to be a good writer? Sure. At WordsWorth you will meet others who have written novels, songs, been published and won awards that were presented by the Governor General. You will eat dinner with writers who have participated and won NANO and the 3-Day novel challenge. You may bunk with a writer who helps teach her English class with her teacher. Writers who attend WordsWorth can be good, spectacularly good.

But, being that good is not a pre-requisite.

What is required to attend WordsWorth is a deep, burning love for writing, and reading, and pushing yourself to get better, the desire to try writing in a way you hadn’t thought to before. Knowing you have it in you to write something unique and have the patience and determination to work towards that goal is really all you need to attend WordsWorth (and a pencil and notebook). Some of the writers at WordsWorth who come are just at the beginning of their writing journey.

You bring your love of writing and we provide the support, the models in other young writers and the mentors who are good at their craft. Teachers of fiction, poetry, art, spoken word, drama, photography, journalism, movement, and breath will guide you. Teachers who know character and teachers with character; that’s who mentor at WordsWorth.

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