“Nature has no outline. Imagination has” William Blake

March 1-3 we’re heading back to the mountains for another Creative Writing Retreat and of course, we hope you’ll be there!  But why do we keep bringing our writing to the outdoors?

William Carlos Williams said things close to the nose aren’t proper subjects.  Not all writing can be direct self-expression.  Looking inward can keep poets and writers from looking outward.  And so we’re taking you outdoors this time to Camp Chief Hector to partner with the outdoor staff there to notice evocative new images and to have fresh adventure. And then we’ll  create time to take these new images and experiences and collaborate them with language.  So even if you already have a relationship with the natural world, this one will be new.

The locale of the happening always colours the happening, and often, to a degree, shapes it novelist Elizabeth Brown observed.

So join us and DRINK THE WILD AIR March 1 – 3, 2013 at Camp Chief Hector YMCA in Kananaskis, Alberta. Thaw your brainfreeze with warm words and we hope you will find an unexpected connection between the outdoors and words.

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*yes, we mean hot chocolate!