What Do Past Participants Think About WordsWorth Creative Writing Residency?

I can write for pages about what is good about WordsWorth, but perhaps you find me biased.  I am the director, after all!  So I’ll share with you what past participants, instructors and parents have said about WordsWorth.

  • I observed how the young writers appreciated the opportunity to live, engage with, and learn from real-life writers, artists, and cultural workers working in the arts today (instructor)
  • Whether the teachers and muses realize it your not, you are changing lives.  I love each and every one of you and cherish each moment you bless us kids with (young writer)
  • The amazing people, skilled teachers, and great atmosphere are powerful reasons which draw me to this camp (young writer)
  • The instruction that the kids receive is first rate, the Creative Team Members are enthusiastic and I can tell from just listening and watching my daughter interact with them, they very much enjoy what they are doing…and the kids respond in kind.  parent)
  • Wordsworth is a very positive experience for the children – it certainly has improved my daugher’s confidence and stimulates her creativity. All of the staff are friendly and encouraging – thanks for a super job! (parent)
  • The working environment fostered by Lisa and her Muse/Moose staff was, for me, an ideal one. It was structured and organized enough to run smoothly and accountably, yet it was casual and relaxed enough to allow for caprice, improvisation, and the wonderfully unexpected (instructor)
  • (WordsWorth) eliminates my comfort zone.  Large groups and new people terrify me, especially when they are as amazingly talented as all the people here.  I withdraw behind the walls in my head.  I recognize this flaw and how it inhibits my creative ability and flow.  In class, wonderful challenges were presented each day which one must meet, often on schedules so tight there were simply no room for inhibitions.  For instance in (this) 1.5 hour I must finish this: a bio, 2 poems, and 2 songs.  It’s such learning experiences and time of growth in areas spanning writing all the way to self-confidence.  There’s always a barrage of new ideas and inspiring people.  Although it’s agonizing to come out of my shell, to be cliche, it comes with new feelings of confidence and views of the word (young writer)
  • I felt safe, respected, valued, and important.I am leaving here feeling more full and secure than ever before and I’ve been coming here since I was eleven. This camp is just part of me (young writer)
  • Playing the guitar at open mic-I’ve never played guitar in front of an audience before.  This week I took risks I never thought I would take.  I made a few new friends (young writer)
  •  We ARE SO GRATEFUL for this opportunity, it has truly been a gift for our daughter. Thank you so much to all who make this camp possible. (parent)
  • There is a nice balance of learning, outdoor activities and socializing (parent)
  • This week has been amazing. Every Muse/Moose, instructor, coordinator and student has contributed to an awesome time for me and (I think) everybody else here too. Thanks for the awesome instruction, the singing, the dancing, drumming, football, conversation and any other interaction too. I can’t wait to come back next year.(young writer)
  • This camp has been, since the first time I came, one of the highlights of my summer. I can’t wait to return next year! (young writer)
  • I adore this camp and everything about it. (young writer) I think the experience you provide and the nurturing environment that happens at Wordsworth for my son’s creative talent is a gift. (parent)
  • Thank you, thank you thank you for putting on this camp!!!  I will see you next year!

Will we see you?  (hope so)

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