WGA Welcomes WHY Program Coordinator Shawn Tse

The WGA is pleased to welcome Shawn Tse as the Program Coordinator for our Writers Hub for Youth (WHY). WHY is a pilot project designed to be an online creative writing community for youth ages 13-25. Shawn will be working alongside the WGA Youth Committee to provide a series of writing related and entertaining videos and podcasts. The aim is to offer youth the opportunity grow in the knowledge and understanding of creative writing, and the possibilities for creative writing in the world of technology. Youth will have opportunities to engage with authors, connect and share with each other, and contribute to a community of emerging Alberta writers.

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shawn-tse-picShawn Tse is a Chinese Canadian with a bachelor’s degree in Film and Video and a master’s degree in Psychology of Education. Born and raised in Toronto, he is a filmmaker, educator, and entrepreneur who worked in Asia for a decade before arriving in Edmonton early 2016. For the past 5 years, he has been combining film and education by organizing film workshops, film camps, educational and event videos for the community, and a film festival for social justice issues called the For Good: Film Project 2015. Shawn enjoys collaborating through art, playing a variety of sports year round, and eating lasagne.

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