Welcome Week two writers!

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Friday Afternoon (the wet version)

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David Wilson facilitates tableaux and installations

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WordsWorth Second Annual Poetry Slam

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Mary Pinkoski and Brendan McLeod read and sing us to bed

P7215656 P7215654


Mud from the floods dries into a fine dust and cakes our floors, our feet


we eat fruit daily, plenty of it


Free writing time happens-everywhere

P7205583 P7205582 P7205581

The rains fell making the land muddy and so we LARPed indoors, and danced and The Fragments set up for their set at eight

P7205586 P7205590 P7205589 P7205588 P7205587 P7205596 P7205593 P7205591 P7205600 P7205601 P7205604

Bedtime story with Sandy Pool and David Wilson



We played Twister outdoors and a competitive game of ultimate frisbee (background)


We had guests lead some Jam Sessions.  Thanks McKinley and Riley!

P7195533 P7195541 P7195536 P7195535 P7195534

We checked out where the staff hung out

P7195543 P7195542

And how one room dealt with recharging their iPads, iPhones, computers etc. etc. etc (although we never see these things!)


And we danced!  WordsWorth writers clean up well, don’t you think?

P7195544 P7195576 P7195575 P7195574 P7195570 P7195568 P7195567 P7195566 P7195565 P7195564 P7195562 P7195561 P7195559 P7195557 P7195556 P7195555 P7195554 P7195553 P7195552 P7195550 P7195548

And then the monster came out

P7195578 P7195577

Monday we went LARPing

P7185508 P7185510 P7185506 P7185504 P7185502 P7185501

And the instructors and creative team held their open mic

P7185516 P7185517 P7185518 P7185521 P7185522 P7185523 P7185525 P7185528 P7185529 P7185530

Riley Rossmo, illustration instructor, ends our first day by reading a Batman comic at Bedtime Stories. And so week two begins!


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