Week One: Scripturient WordsWorth 2013

due to a computer malfunction, week one updates were interrupted.  I’ve now updated them thematically (rather than daily)

Scenes from WordsWorth (Kamp Kiwanis)

P7145489 P7135475 P7135471

A community of writers, a band of musicians

P7145498 P7135473 P7135470 P7135469 P7135467

Learning happens in many ways

P7145495 P7145494 P7145493 P7145492 P7145490 P7145487 P7145486

At WordsWorth, safety comes third*

P7135472 P7145488 P7125466 P7125465

*grotesque make-up and spilled blood courtesy of Kim Firmston’s Action Scene’s class

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