Kim Firmston is a real life mutant – though one without any cool powers. When she is not writing or cursing obvious villain mistakes, she warps young minds in her Reality is Optional Kid’s Writing Club and DramAntics Youth Theatre Camp. Kim has written and produced many plays, had a few short stories make it into print, and published four novels (one of them by herself). Kim encourages play, be it in her classes or on her interactive websites kim and boiled cat – coming this spring). She has also been known to build diabolical devices out of cardboard and old chip bags with prominent DO NOT PUSH buttons.

Course Description: Action Scenes
Action scenes are some of the hardest things to write. It’s difficult to keep track of all the players, explain what is happening, keep the tension high, and maintain that heart stopping drama. In this class we will not only write action scenes, we will live them. From stalking games, to choreographing large multi-player scenes, to physically bringing it all to life, young writers will take a hands on approach to creating and writing action.