Reminder: Join a community and write all year


The Writers Guild of Alberta Edmonton Teen Writing group is gearing up to get started. This year, be ready to write like you’ve never written before. Finish that set of poems. Complete your novel. Polish a short story. Maybe even get published?

But our first meeting covers another type of writing, too. Letter writing!

Before the days of emails and Facebook likes and tweets, people wrote letters to each other. They wrote their souls on paper before folding it up, addressing the envelope and sending it in the mail to a partner, a friend, or even a pen pal they have never met in person.

Our first WGA Teen Writing Group session will explore the craft of letter writing, taking a look at famous writers and their letters, and pairing up with other teen writing groups in the province, setting you up with your own pen pal for the year (and we will indeed be using pens!).

For information and to register, contact Erinne Sevigny ([email protected]) for the Edmonton group.


Are you a teen interested in pursuing the craft of writing? The Writers Guild of Alberta is proud to provide a free mentored writing group specifically designed for teens typically (but not exclusively) aged 15-18. The purpose of this group is to unite teens interested in pursuing the craft of writing; to provide a fun, friendly, safe and structured environment for participants; to receive constructive feedback on their writing, involve themselves in literary discussion, take part in writing-on-site projects, and engage with like-minded young writers. The meeting schedule for 2012/2013 is outlined below. For more information, or to register for the group, please contact Kelsey Attard at [email protected]. Please note that registration is mandatory, and the deadline to register is Tuesday, Oct 9, 2012. Meeting dates as follows: Sunday Sept 30 (introductory session!), Sunday Oct 28, Sunday Nov 18, Sunday Dec 9, Sunday Jan 20, Sunday Feb 24, Sunday March 24, Sunday April 21, Sunday May 26, Sunday June 9

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