Julia (that’s her) is very excited to be returning to Wordsworth as a creative team member (again!? What! It’s madness, Madness!) She is a graduate of Grant MacEwan University’s Theatre Arts Program and founder of Footlights Summer Drama Camps based out of Spruce Grove, AB. When she is not practising wistfully gazing out of windows (as every aspiring writer must) she can be found feverishly counting down the hours to the Next Game of Thrones episode. She is a theatre artist, playwright and television nerd currently majoring in Communications as Capilano University in Vancouver. She is the winner of the 2012 Edmonton 24 Hour Playwriting Competition for her play Passing which premiered in Edmonton’s New Work Festival in February. Her most recent play, Denis and Denise will premiere in April as part of North Vancouver’s Sacred Space Festival.  She is currently working on a collection of lyrical monologues in addition to making final revisions on her most recent plot to take over the world. Her favorite writing procrastination activities include: watching theme songs from 90s cartoon series, looking up videos of sloths (seriously, stop reading this and Youtube it) and practising writing in the third person. She looks forward to seeing you this July.

And now,

A WordsWorth Haiku…

Welcome Word Lovers

Ready yourselves kind artists:

DEATH POLO  beckons.