Night With The Poets – The Workshop

After Kris, Diane and Jen read their own poetry, they set this task upon the young writers.

Pick one emotion

And use the following words to create a poem.

bromance, fluffy, Winnebago, juicer, volcano

Each group had about 10 minutes.  Here were the results.










Juicer grind, juicer grind,

Bromance in the Winnebago left no room for the heterosexual kind.

Fluffly clouds replaced with thunder heads

Her emotional eruption matches the volcano outside.

-Alex, Dan, Jamie and Jessie



Roadtrip to Rapture

the volcano or our bromance in the back of our Winnebago.

the tick of the juicer against its box

is the divine chord.

the sway of the pink fluffy dice

leads us toward cinnamon buns.

-Mary, Sebastien and Alex



What? Wonderous wacky Winnebago?

Flown by Fluffy Flying Fish?

Jumping over Jumbo Juicer Jelly?

Vacating Vacant Viciously Violent Volcanoes?

Briskly Breaking Bromances Before Breakfast?


-Dorrie, Amanda, Tolu & Carly




Wait, is this a bromance?

I think we just lost the juicer

Did someone leave it in the Winnegbago?

Did that volcano just erupt?

I wonder how you grow fluffy hair….

-Sakura, Brittany, Caitlin & Sage



This so called Bromance

hunched us into a Winnebago

That cross countried us to ‘Where’s Fluffy’

Your obsession with the band

was a raging volcano

Making me wanna stick your

head in that juicer

But somewhere between Wisconsin and

Waldo’s bar I fell in love.

–Bethan, Zoe,  Maggie & Alyssa

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