Julia is returning as part of the Creative Team again. Happy, happy!

Hey all, I’m Julia, and I am super stoked to be returning to Wordsworth as a creative          team member for the third time and subsequently, aiming for a perfect trifecta of awesome summers.

There are some things that I like. Some of these things include:  Debating team Peeta vs. team Gale (but let’s be serious, there is no real debate). Making some wicked 5 second movies, honing my mad skills at death polo, and of course… overusing ellipses for dramatic effect,

There are some things that I do. Some of these things include writing, some of these things include performing, some of these things may include tap dancing… I like to dibble and dabble in a variety of mediums. But for me, “the play’s the thing” and I am looking forward to sipping some Chai at my favorite writing spot whilst in the process of finishing my next work. However, when I am not poetically sipping chai by a softly lit candelabra, I enjoy being an instructor for children’s drama day camps and of course, being part of the creative team at WordsWorth.

(Hey, This is my face!)

I am looking forward to meeting all the new WordsWorthians as well as attempting to come up with a couple of (semi) original Christian Bale jokes with the returning ones. But in the meantime …

If Channing Tatum were the life of the party he’d be a Banning Hohum

If Channing Tatum were a marine biologist he’d be Panning for PondScum

If Channing Tatum were a Caribbean percussionist he’d be Banging a Steel Drum

I don’t even want to admit how long it took me to come up with those. But by the time Wordsworth rolls around, I’ll be ready.

Oh, and Krumping.

There will definitely be Krumping.


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