How to Attend, participate AND volunteer for the People’s Poetry Festival

So, you want to both attend the festival and volunteer?  Here’s what I suggest:

Have a look at the schedule, the DIY options and see what time/station you might like to do, and I’d book you in.

Our DIY poetry stations are a huge part of The People’s Poetry Festival. This year, we’ve bringing back some of your favourites and introducing a few newcomers to the mix! Take a peek at the fabulous interactive stations we have planned:

  • Poetry Chain Letter — we’re sending poetry old-school, through the mail. You choose it, write it, or take it, and send it off to a friend (or stranger) with instructions to keep the chain alive!
  • Poetry MadLibbs — exactly what it sounds like, but with poetry.
  • Endless Typewriter — one of our most popular stations last year, we’ll have our vintage typewriters on site so that you can type away to your heart’s content, adding to our ever-growing poem, or starting your own.
  • Shakespeare Shakeup — we’ve super excited to bring a little Shakespeare to the PPF this year. Grab a poem — or write a new one yourself! — and pull random lines from Shakespeare to add throughout.
  • Haiku Tree — our beautiful haiku tree is back and ready for you to add leaves of micro poems all weekend long.
  • Hold’em Poetry — we’ve got a deck of playing cards, each bearing a word or phrase. Draw cards randomly to build your poem.
  • Crossword/Web Poetry (indoors) at Resolution Gallery Get inspired by a word or phrase from someone else’s poem.  Circle it and break off and let it inspire your own poem.  This is done on large pieces of paper.
  • MC the Market Collective Mic  Introduce the poetic talent and adjust the sound system as needed!  (indoors at Market Collective)

DIY poetry stations are free for everyone on the streets of downtown Kensington 11:00am to 4:00pm Saturday and Sunday, August 18 and 19, 2012.

the schedule for the festival is www.
I hope to see you both in attendance and as a volunteer.  Email me if you have any questions or want to be on the volunteer roster.  An short shift of two hours would be super helpful and fun.
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