Greetings from the inkPulse Lethbridge Coordinator, Amy Korver!

Hello inkPulsers! Im currently half way through a whirlwind trip of Vietnam and Cambodia.

As I write this, I’m sitting in a cafe in a back alley of the city of Phnom Pehn. The cafe is primarily geared for travallers so around me a smattering of languages are being spoken (french, english, german, Khmer), filling the air accompanied by a soundtrack Bob Marley in the background.
It’s a pretty cool hideaway, the atmosphere is pretty laid back. Some people are playing pool in one corner, a large group of travellers are sharing a meal in another corner, and some people have opted to sit at tables outside next to the street. I should also mention that there are dogs walking throughout the restaurant eating the scraps that have fallen off the tables. Are you getting the picture?

Smith Magazine’s six word memoirs is a website where people submit a personal story in six words or less. Check it out:

Throughout my trip I’ve been challenging myself to summarize my experiences in six words or less. Here’s what I’ve come up with so far:

On Hanoi:  It’s cliche: Hanoi stole my heart.

On crossing the street in Ho City Mihn City:  Crazy traffic. Moto’s everywhere. Walk carefully.

On phnom Pehn: “Tuk-Tuk today?”  “No thanks.” “Tomorrow?”

Here’s the challenge! What adventures have you taken this this summer? What is your six word memoir for summer 2012? Comment below and share your story! Or better yet, head to the website and submit your six word story.

– Amy

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