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Frontenac House presents this anthology in collaboration with the RE:act Collective and House of Blue Skies.

Dymphny Dronyk and Kris Demeanor are the drivers and co-editors of the work.

The Calgary Project documents a vibrant snapshot of the city’s visual and literary arts, while celebrating the 2-year term of our inaugural Poet Laureate, Kris Demeanor.

Kris says, “This anthology is coming out at an important time in Calgary’s cultural history. There are meditations on the Great Flood, images of the midway, testaments to natural beauty, tomes to hockey. Essentially this legacy collection is an expression of the diversity that makes Calgary so fascinating.”

Dymphny adds, “The voices of our city include poets and songwriters, rappers and sculptors, painters and fibre artists, photographers and children. The artists featured here are not just the best in our city – they are indeed some of the finest in the world.”

We received more than 300 submissions to the Calgary Project. The work has been, and will continue to be featured on www.blueskiespoetry.caover the past year. The web-based version of the Project includes many additional contributors!

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