Alberta Write Nights – Setting Intention


Do you have good intentions to write, but allow other things to get in the way? Now is your chance to begin forming a regular writing practice.

Set the intention — and follow through.

Join WGA’s Dorothy Bentley and Sadie MacGillivray as they host a series of Write Nights open to WGA members throughout Alberta.

Meet-ups will be on Tuesday evenings throughout November, 6:30 to 8:00 pm. CHANGED from 8:30 end to 8:00 pm. Everyone is finding that to be long enough.

Check back here the evening of the event to find the GoogleMeet link to join. It will be posted HERE.


The schedule for each session is as follows:

6:30 to 6:45: Welcome chat. Introduce yourself in the chat only, or use camera and mic. [Name and genre, if any; and intention for the evening – word count or some other measure such as simply to begin having a regular routine to write.] Sadie will have a writing prompt this week.

6:45 to 7:15: Write. Cameras and microphones off. Late-comers may introduce themselves in chat only. Sadie will monitor chat throughout.

7:15 to 7:25: Optional check-in – Turn on microphones and cameras, or check-in using chat only.

7:25 to 7:55: Write. Cameras and microphones off. For those leaving, leave a good-bye message in chat if everyone is muted.

7:55 to 8:00: Chat. Turn on microphones and cameras, or use chat feature.


See you online!

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