Erinne is pumped to return (week two) and so are we to have her!

Dear Wordsworthians, old and new,

I, Erinne Sevigny, am pumped to be returning for week two as a creative muse. Also, I’m curious about how those geocaches lasted the winter.

My ankle is still giving me trouble after that unfortunate basketball accident last year, but I just can’t get enough of that beautiful place nor you folks that make the space so inspiring. I promise to wear proper shoes when BUMPin so that y’all don’t need to help me hobble around all week or fetch me ice packs.

This is me today, after work. Hello!

My day job right now consists of writing and editing for a training company, which means I get to write scripts for training videos like this one here. I get a publication in here and there, too, like the feature articles in this magazine… riveting, I know, but this kinda stuff is how many writers, myself included, feed themselves. I moonlight doing manuscript evaluations/edits for writers of any age and have found that while I love creating my own worlds and stories, I way prefer messing around with your’s!

I also volunteer for both the Get Publishing Communications Society and the Editors Association of Canada Prairie Provinces Branch (AKA the EAC PPB) – A bit heavy on the acronym side, yes, but it makes it sound really important, doesn’t it? I’ve met a ton of really amazing writers, editors, and publishers in the process and must say that volunteering has single-handedly made all the difference in my writing, life and strongly encourage you all to find a place you can volunteer your time.

I get my own creative juices on, too, often after a daily walk with my own faithful muse.

Erinne 2

(Nyx and I discussing plot points)

On a standard evening you can find me hammering out some classical gems on the keys, drafting some lyrics or a short story or maybe a short script, or jammin’ with fellow creative muse Julia and/or my roommate Colin. And if you’re wondering “Will Erinne and Julia rap again this year?” Well the answer is obvious.

Life is good, and I can’t wait to add to my catalogue of Wordsworth memories after another week of restless days and sleepless nights (and hopefully no injuries)!

Oh, and also! Wordsworthians who want more word action after camp can come check out the Sherwood Park Inkpulse that I’ll be coordinating from July 30-August 3 (or any InkPulse camp, for that matter), and of course you’re all welcome to join my monthly Edmonton meet ups with the Writers’ Guild of Alberta teen group. Email, Facebook, or tweet me for info on those (@erinnesevigny).

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