Drink the Wild Air, WinterWordsWorth 2014

February 21-23

Watson Lodge, Kamp Kiwanis

We gathered in the snow with LARPing swords and words to write. We left with the fortitude to craft our words into stories and with new friends.



The Frivolity

P2266689 P2266688 P2266687 P2266685 P2266684 P2266683 P2256664

The Writing

P2266701 P2266699 P2266697 P2266696 P2266695 P2256655

The Campfires

P2256681 P2256680 P2256678 P2246649 P2246646

The Outdoors



P2266704 P2266702 P2266690 P2256663 P2246643 P2246640 P2246635 P2246630 P2246628 P2246627 P2246626 P2246623 P2246618 P2246617

The Dorms

P2256668 P2256666 P2256665 P2256662 P2256661 P2256660 P2256658 P2256657 P2266703P2256656

The dining

P2256671 P2256672

P2256673 P2256674 P2256675 P2256676 P2256677 P2266698

(notice I didn’t take any photo evidence of the bathrooms, showers nor boy’s dorms!) See you next year!

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