Cultural Human Resources Council (CHRC) Press Release

Culture and the Liberal Platform

Along with our colleagues and partners throughout the Canadian cultural sector, the Cultural Human Resources Council congratulates Prime Minister elect Justin Trudeau and his Liberal party on their impressive and decisive election victory!

Along with artists and cultural workers, and cultural employers across the country, we herald the Liberal promises which pledge to reverse the Harper cuts and increase funding to our key cultural institutions: the Canada Council for the Arts, the CBC, the NFB and Telefilm. Clearly this government-in-waiting grasps the fundamental importance of a strong cultural infrastructure for our country to reap the economic and social benefits of vibrant arts and cultural industries.

CHRC is especially heartened by the Liberal support for job opportunities for young Canadians, including a $300 million commitment to a renewed Youth Employment Strategy. For over 15 years, CHRC has administered on behalf of the federal government, the Young Canada Works programme in the cultural sector, under the Youth Employment Strategy. This support has launched thousands of young artists and cultural workers on their careers. We know first hand the great value of this programme to the sector and the Canadian economy.

CHRC is also greatly encouraged by the promise to restore the Promart and Trade Routes international cultural promotion programs. Exporting cultural products and services has been on our radar for years. We have worked with artists and the cultural industries to develop export marketing skills and opportunities in order to expand their economic success. It is good to have the federal government back as a partner in this arena.

CHRC lauds the enlightened and wise pledge to include culture in the social infrastructure program. As a leader on cultural human resource issues and a key player over 2 decades in the social infrastructure of the cultural sector, CHRC understands the why and the how of investing in our talent.

CHRC and the cultural sector look forward to a reinvigorated, positive and fruitful partnerhsip with the federal government in the coming months and years.

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