Creative Team Member Emily Campbell*

When she was younger, Emily once aspired to be a snake-charmer when (read: if) she grew up. But the days of platonic reptilian romance are gone, and have been replaced by something much better. Not only has she been lucky enough to attend 3 summers and 2 winters worth of writing camps, she now finds herself returning as a member of the Creative Team!

What could be more exciting than that, you ask yourself? NOTHING! Other than a lifetime’s supply of marshmallows, of course…

“Money can’t buy happiness. But it can buy marshmallows, which are kinda the same thing.” :)

When she isn’t spending her time with awesome people at WordsWorth, Emily spends her hours as a Bachelor of Education student at Red Deer College, majoring in (what else?) English. She also acts as the vice-president of the college’s Poetry Society, and was the second-place winner of the first annual Central Alberta Word Slam.

Since first attending camp, Emily has been inspired by the work of Moe Clarkderek beaulieuJen Kunlire, and many others. All of these artists have challenged her to broaden her creative horizons, to find her own voice and re-evaluate the ways in which she artistically expresses herself. She wants to take this passion and inspiration and offer it to the next generations of world-changers.

Whether it’s through music, through art, through writing, through movement, or anything else, Emily feels that we all have our stories to tell, and she looks forward to listening to each and every one that unfolds this summer. No, really. She’s all ears.

*Creative Team members are there to help young writers get up out of bed, to classes, meals, and back into bed at night again.  They also run the outdoor lunch room activities and evening jam sessions.  They are creative souls who keep this residency running from early morning until late, late, late at night!

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