2014 WordsWorth Instructors

Week 1:  July 6-11  (for ages 12-14) Artful: Ignite your Imagination with Jenne Newman Jenne is an Art Therapist who works with children, youth and families in Calgary, AB. It was her interest in Fine Arts and Psychology that led her to a Master’s of Creative Arts Therapy. Jenne has over ten years’ experience in […]

Calgary Writers at Scrawl-a-thon 2014

On March 15th seventeen writers gathered at Loft 112 armed with laptops, notebooks, pens, books, and stencils. I was there ready to write for 6 hours. We carefully picked our spots and silenced our restlessness. At 4pm, a sudden wall of silence covered the room until the sound of restless typing and scribbling could be heard. The Scrawl-a-Thon writing marathon […]

Meet the 2014 WordsWorth Creative Team

Meet the WordsWorth Director: Lisa Murphy-Lamb   Lisa looks forward to her fifth year (fifth year!) of spending July at Kamp Kiwanis with WordsWorth writers -both young and old.  This job has taken over her life and she now finds herself manning the website, hanging out with literary-types, going to readings, finding teen writers sleeping […]

Drink the Wild Air, WinterWordsWorth 2014

February 21-23 Watson Lodge, Kamp Kiwanis We gathered in the snow with LARPing swords and words to write. We left with the fortitude to craft our words into stories and with new friends.     The Frivolity The Writing The Campfires The Outdoors   The Dorms The dining (notice I didn’t take any photo evidence […]

Fool of the New West

As cultures broad see capitals deemed Horse snort less stable than once it seemed Formed there is new wiggle in rooms Scribes awl pin light through prescription doom In blankets gold will weight there be? To sway frayed throats of Necessity Hooved aeration to fescue razed Ignored voices on borrowed lands graze Wailing, cajoling, and […]


Strong, wise words in a spoken word poem by Hollie McNish. Brilliance.     Following are a series of profiles written by author and WordsWorth Instructor Kim Firmston during her month as Writer in Residence at Open Book Toronto.