Be a Video Poem Maker! Teen Writing and Film Project Registration

This winter, the Writers’ Guild of Alberta, in collaboration with celebrated filmmaker Shawn Tse and nationally-recognized spoken word artist Brandon Wint, will launch Be a Video Poem Maker! The program aims to help teens learn to write and speak poems, and turn those poems into captivating videos. Teens will be provided with and trained to […]

WGA Welcomes WHY Program Coordinator Shawn Tse

The WGA is pleased to welcome Shawn Tse as the Program Coordinator for our Writers Hub for Youth (WHY). WHY is a pilot project designed to be an online creative writing community for youth ages 13-25. Shawn will be working alongside the WGA Youth Committee to provide a series of writing related and entertaining videos and […]

Don’t Sit Down in the Middle of the Woods

By Bruce Cinnamon Don’t sit down in the middle of the woods. If you’re lost in the plot or blocked, retrace your steps to where you went wrong. Then take the other road. If I’m reading an article called “Top Ten Writing Tips” or “Margaret Atwood’s Advice for Writers,” it usually means that I sat […]

A Survival Guide for the Young Emerging Writer

By Cindy Pereira 1. Immerse yourself in the style or genre that you want to write in. Find inspiration in some of your classic go-to authors, or poke around at your local library or bookseller and discover some new favorites. If something stands out to you in your readings, take a mental note, step back […]

Writing to Understand Yourself

By Stuart Gardner Writing for me has always been a somewhat selfish venture. Basically, as soon as I was introduced to creative writing I saw its potential as a therapeutic outlet for all kinds of emotion. Writing became my way of working through difficult situations. For whatever reason, it’s much easier to understand things happening […]

Critiques: Not Law, Just Opinions

By Kirsten Lowe I have been writing weekly book reviews for the Red Deer Advocate for over a year now, and it is still an amazing yet challenging job. As long as it’s a new release, I have free range and can pick whatever book I wish to review. But I always have to remember […]

Write Your Own Way

By Kala Godin My name is Kala Godin. I write because I have stories to tell. I can think up fantastical realms or creepy creatures and I want to share these with people. I also write a ton of poetry. People tell me that it “makes them think,” and that’s exactly what I want to […]

A Heart to Heart: Get Writing, Young Writer

Hey, you, young writer—over here. I gotta tell you something! Here it is: Start now. Start what? Start writing. Seriously. Full of ideas and inspired by a solemn, misty day? Seize that moment and write. Why am I telling you this? Let’s break barriers. I’m a twenty-something. I’m in that category of folk who are […]

Young Writers’ Week and the People Who Made It Happen

Young writer: You’re probably here because you want to know more about the craft from a local perspective, from your fellow young Alberta writers. We’re happy to say you’re in the right place, and eager to introduce you to Young Writers’ Week! An initiative of The WGA’s Youth committee, this week runs from March 16-20, […]

2014 WordsWorth Instructors

Week 1:  July 6-11  (for ages 12-14) Artful: Ignite your Imagination with Jenne Newman Jenne is an Art Therapist who works with children, youth and families in Calgary, AB. It was her interest in Fine Arts and Psychology that led her to a Master’s of Creative Arts Therapy. Jenne has over ten years’ experience in […]