Writer’s Block Special Feature – WordsWorth

  Our thanks to CJSW radio in Calgary and Emily Ursuliak for this special edition of Emily’s radio show, Writer’s Block, which focuses on our WordsWorth summer creative writing residency for youth. In the broadcast, Emily interviews several of the camp’s Creative Team and participants. If you were ever curious to know what WordsWorth is […]

Young Writers Vlog–Rags to Riches

We continue with our coverage of the basic plots, this time with a focus on the most ubiquitous form of non-fiction story lines, including the one we tell ourselves about the economy.

Young Writers Vlog–The Quest

We go on a relatively quick journey through the next basic plots: The Quest. Featuring an extended reference to The Lord of the Rings because of course we have to talk about The Lord of the Rings. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FfdUHbrPpYM

WGA Writers’ Hub for Youth Presents: Ask An Expert 2017

On March 18th, from noon to 4 pm, The Writers’ Guild of Alberta will be hosting their “Ask an Expert” event. This event aims to connect young, aspiring writers to experienced and established authors. This year, our focus is on publishing, and we have created a panel of authors and publishers with extensive experience, to provide knowledge […]

Young Writer’s Vlog-Introduction

Welcome to the introductory episode for the Writers’ Guild of Alberta’s Young Writer’s Vlog. Here, Tyler begins a conversation about plot and its importance to writing.