Easy going, outdoorsy and loving-her-work-with-students, Danielle is back!

Hey Young Writers! I am so looking forward to these two weeks of summer. This will be my third year working as a Creative Muse; I can’t believe that time has gone by so quickly! WordsWorth is a beautiful oasis of words and friendship that manages to inspire even the least prolific writers (which would […]

Play with Words. Play With Art with Shantelle Simone Landry (week one and two)

Shantelle Simone Landry  Performer. Writer. Artist. Shantelle is an avid performer, writer and artist. With acting, dance and clown as a background, she brings a very physical and sensory approach to her writing – interspersing movement and writing to let one inspire the other. She was most recently seen in The Antidote (co-written with Diana […]

Two WordsWorth Young Writers to Perform at the 9th Annual Spoken Word Festival

Erin Vance and Sebastien Wen two talented poets and song writers will be performing in the final showcase of this year’s Spoken Word Festival along with former WordsWorth young writers Caritas Longman and Sasha Semenoff and their mentor Sheri-D Wilson (who has taught at WordsWorth for several years). Come and celebrate their poetry. Event # […]

Like to laugh? Act? Ninjas? Meet Instructor Renee St. Cyr (week one)

Hellllloooooo! I am Renée! I’ll be at WordsWorth for the first week teaching screenwriting. This class is great because – not only do we write – we ACT! Everything I write falls into the category of comedy with dramatic elements. The key to comedy is timing, which means I have become really good at listening […]

Visual Poet Derek Beaulieu-from Poet Laureate short list to WordsWorth (week 2)

Derek Beaulieu  Author of nine books of poetry, fiction and visual poetry (link:http://derekbeaulieu.wordpress.com/). In addition to being short=listed for the position of Calgary’s first poet laureate, in 2011 he was named by Broken Pencil Magazine as one of Canada’s “Top 50 indie artists of the last 15 years” and in 2007 was the Alberta Magazine […]

Your Voice: Out Loud – Spoken Word Workshop by Mary Pinkoski (week 2)

Mary Pinkoski is a spoken word poet from Edmonton. She was captain of 2011 Edmonton Poetry Slam Team which won the National Championship at the Canadian Festival of Spoken Word. Mary was also voted Most Valuable Poet of the 2011 Canadian Festival of Spoken Word. She was a finalist in the 2011 Edmonton Poetry Laureate competition, […]

Brendan McLeod will teach you to sing the blues (or rock out) both weeks

Hello WordsWorthians, My name is Brendan. This will be my fourth (I am getting sooooo old) time teaching at camp. I’m psyched. It just keeps getting better year after year. Also, because I am getting old, I have no memory, so it is good that I keep going back so I get to jog it. […]

Fiction Class (week two) will be taught by Alexis Kienlen

While Alexis Kienlen decides on the title of her course Elements of fiction or Building blocks of fiction. You can anticipate a-six day long session on plot, character, setting and point of view. She’ll take you right down to the nitty gritty of things that are used to write a fiction piece. Wait!  who is this […]