Back by Popular Demand-David Wilson for Both Weeks!

Hello Wordsworthians;
 The following is a bit about the class I will be facilitating. We will be doing a thing I like to call “Body, Breath & Voice for Writers”.

In this class we will explore a series of artistic and fun disciplines, and then observe the directions these activities take our writing.  Movement, breathing, meditation, flash-writing, stretching, drama games and vocal play will be utilized toward a goal of expansive creativity and joy.  If the spirit moves this class may culminate in an intuitive and no-holds-barred Soundscape Performance.

Stuff Required

1.          Yoga Mat and/or blanket

2.          Easy-to-move-in, comfortable clothing

3.          Bring any/all musical instruments you would like

4.      Writing implements

5.      A willingness to try anything
 It will be a lot of fun.
 If you would like to learn more about me, gander at the following:
(There will be a new website VERY SOON that will not be so hopelessly out of date).
This is my Regular Head Shot and stuff…
I am a singer, musician, voice instructor, teacher, lecturer, conductor, yoga teacher, breath therapist and minor writer… that is, until I get my book done, and then I’ll be a “major” writer, I guess; or maybe just a more legitimate minor one.
I was born in Calgary, and I now live in Edmonton (TRAITOR!)
I love the Arts; I’ve started a professional chamber choir, conducted choirs, opera companies, orchestras and RENT, sung in choirs since I was five, and recently I was Cinderella’s Prince in Sonheim’s “Into the Woods”. I play the guitar and piano a little, and cannot rap whatsoever.
I like summer, learning about mySelf, and I am a cat person.
And I went to see Rammstein last May – now THAT was poetry:
Speaking of which, here’s some poetry I have made; I recommend the “Crossing Bridges” Audio Clips:
I am REALLY looking forward to WordsWorth this year; hello to all returning and all that will be new.
All those that appear here rock largely: this will be an experience you will treasure forever.
bring it.
David Wilson
BMus. MMus.
Yoga Instructor
Breath Therapist
Teacher of Singing
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