At the End of this Week, an Incredible Week

I exit this week a better person than when I entered it.  And it is because of the company I kept.  And these good and talented people I have met because of WordsWorth.

I experienced the generosity and creative spirit of Michaela and Jamie who created an open mic that encouraged new groups of participants to attend and perform-most of them for the first time.

I delved into the rawness and honesty of Sebastien, Erin, Caritas and Sasha’s words that exposed minds and souls capable of complexity, confusion, wit and power.

I was humbled and inspired by Brendan McLeod and Mary Pinkoski’s insightful and intelligent performances.

I witnessed the life-altering mentorship that Sheri-D Wilson and Kim Firmston bring to younger, hungry writers.

I enjoyed the company and support that David and Erinne provided WordsWorth writers. For their constant giving back to the literary community is a beautiful gesture.

And I’m excited by all the new young writers I met this week whom I will have the honour of spending more time with this July.

I have an incredible job that has brought to me challenge and beauty and words and creative souls.  To this incredible week and those who made it so, I give thanks.

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