Thank you to those who communicated to me that you have not received your anthology.  When the first person let me know,  I thought.  hmmm.  I wonder why not?  After two and three people let me know I knew something had gone wrong, but I didn’t know what.  The people who work both for Wordsworth and at the Writers’ Guild work really hard–but we work in two different cities.  This doesn’t always cause a problem, but sometimes something can happen that if we shared an office together we might catch.

Like these anthologies.  There were two lists made:  Those who already received their anthology and those who needed them sent.  The lists got mixed up–and so some lucky WordsWorthians are the proud owners of two anthologies and others, have none.  But I didn’t know that until I started to hear from you.  And then I couldn’t sleep until I figured out what happened.

Please accept my apologies.  In the next day or two, the anthologies will REALLY be sent to the right people this time.  I’ve seen the list and checked it twice.


(Still, if you have not received an anthology in two weeks, PLEASE LET ME KNOW)

And again, I do apologize,