Erinne Sevigny is an editor and writer, but mostly an editor. She’s also the current Writers’ Guild of Alberta Edmonton Teen Mentor. She brings a decade of literary experience, including an applied bachelor’s in professional writing and seven years at the helm of a literary journal. This summer she will be crossing the country on a literary adventure called The Great Canadian Publishing Tour, which will be followed by a sojourn in Toronto to complete a post-grad certificate in creative book publishing at Humber College.

Sense Storm

Sight, sound, touch, smell, taste, and that 6th one that we still haven’t given a proper name to – your senses are what make you aware of yourself and your environment. They are the ingredients to emotion, and they are the ingredients to good writing.

In Sense Storm, you’ll learn how to use your senses to not only create dynamic settings, but as a way to develop characters, to brainstorm plot ideas, and/or to create richer poetry.