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Alberta Screenwriters Initiative Finalists

Alberta Screenwriters Initiative Winners

2015 Winners

First Place: Marina Ivanova – “The Lottery of Life”

Second Place: Carlito Ghioni – “A Room for an African”

Third Place: Jason Long – “Ice Blue”

2014 Winners

First Place: Jonathan Joffe – “Happy Thoughts”

Second Place: Jason Filiatrault – “Three To Get Ready”

Third Place: Stefan Rasporich – “The Cabin”

2013 Winners

First Place: Jason Filiatrault – “Entanglement”

Second Place: Jordon Scott – “Rock N Roll is Here to Stay”

Third Place: Christopher Webster- “Idea Man”

2012 Winners

First Place: Tracy Belsher – “Losing It”

Second Place: Aaron Langvand – “Grandstand”

Third Place: Jarrod Hills – “Badland”

2011 Winners

First Place: Steven Owad -“Sons of the Fathers”

Second Place: Aaron Langvand – “Woman of Mars”

Third Place: Jason McCulloch – “It’s Been Almost”

2010 Winners

First Place: Jason McCulloch – “Save the Pieces”

Second Place: Amy Bright – “Mack and Tripp”

Third Place: Don Conn – “The Remittance Man”

2009 Winners

First Place: Kirk R. Miles – “Shadow Makers”

Second Place: Robert de Chazal – “Marry Me! Inc.”

Third Place: George Szilagyi – “Hockey Stories for Boys”

2008 Winners

First Place: Mieko Ouchi – “Saffron”

Second Place: Kaylee Milne – “The Ending Begins Here”

Third Place: Jonathan Joffe – “Trunk”

2007 Winners

First Place: Douglas C. Taplin – “Nothing Pretty”

Second Place: Carl Ayling – “Dinosaur Club”

Third Place: Jonathan Joffe – “Frozen”


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