“I’m not a dictator; it’s just that I have a grumpy face”

-Augusto Boal (founder of the theatre of the oppressed)


Theatre and storytelling in its simplicity and in its artistry becomes an essential tool for integrating with youth, whatever race, age or diverse background.  I have spent over 25 years committed to the evolution of educational theatre for youth here in Canada up north, down south in Mexico and as far as Africa and New Zealand.  Anywhere in the world that my work takes me, I am constantly reminded of the power and the healing contributions of live theatre and in listening. The focus of the work in this class will be based on just being yourself, having fun and finding your authentic voice.  I will utilize improvisation, storytelling and theatre gaming to engage personal stories and creative writing. I expect nothing less from you than a week of sharing, laughter, mutual respect and honesty.


Dinah Gaston has been a professional actor since she turned seventeen; amongst her television and film credits are “21 Jumpstreet” (Johnny Depp), a lead in Walt Disney’s Sci-Fi pilot “Earth Star Voyager” and a Guest star appearance on CBC’s “Beachcombers”.  Her true passion however is in educational theatre. She has toured and performed for youth in over 300 aboriginal reservations across North America and as well as to youth in Africa, New Zealand, Mexico, and in Europe. She has facilitated this theatre work shopping to over 50 aboriginal youth projects in Canada, as well as to youth in Mexico and just recently to the Asian youth community here in Calgary.

Dinah is Filipina and Spanish but grew up on four aboriginal reserves in Canada. She has trained at the University of Concordia in the Theatre for Human Development program as well as at the Drama program at the University of Saskatchewan.