The Writers’ Guild of Alberta Buddy Program 2019

What is the WGA Buddy Program?

Every year the Writers’ Guild of Alberta welcomes new members from all corners of Alberta. Most people are looking for writing support and easy access to resources and information. The WGA Buddy Program has been created to help new members connect with our community right from the get go. The program isn’t a mentorship or a writing feedback partnership, but more of a casual social match-up between a new member and a friendly veteran member who can introduce them to the WGA community and what it has to offer. By pairing new members with a designated buddy who is both familiar and comfortable with the WGA community, new members can quickly take advantage of everything we offer, and established members can help the WGA be the best it can be. It’s a win-win for everyone.

What do I do as a buddy?

You merely need to phone or email your buddy to get things started. You can introduce yourself, welcome your buddy to the WGA, answer questions your buddy may have about the WGA, and pass along any specific invitations or pointers you think your buddy may be interested in.

Is it a big commitment?

Every buddy relationship is different, just like every writer is different. Some buddies may wish to meet over a cup of coffee, sit together at WGA events, or check in with each other via email. As a designated buddy, you control your degree of involvement as your relationship develops.

How do I get involved?

If you are interested in being a buddy, please fill out the form below, or email or phone the WGA office. WGA staff will match you with a new member in your area waiting to hear from you. You can sign-up to take part in the Buddy Program between February 19 – March 31st, 2019, after which you will be matched with your buddy and introductions will be made in April.

Fill out the form below to sign-up to participate in the WGA Buddy Program, and feel free to contact us if you have questions.

Writers’ Guild of Alberta
[email protected]

Due to the one-on-one format of the Buddy Program, the number of match-ups available through the program will depend on compatibility and the number of veteran members participating.

Registration for the Buddy Program is currently closed.

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