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2012 Borderlines Writers Circle

Nataliya Bukhanova is a writer, visual artist, and scientist who was born in Russia and came to Canada in 2007. She mostly writes short fiction, fantasy, horror, and nonfiction. Her stories have been published in Russian community newspapers in North America, and in Alternative Trends, The Flavours of Edmonton, the anthologies Arena-3, The World on a Maple Leaf, and Writing in the Margins, as well as in online magazines. She also writes an art column in Canadian-Russian News.

Savithri Machiraju was born in India and has lived most of her life in the United States and Canada. To date, she has primarily written in her mother language of Telugu, and has published several short stories, a novel, and a collection of poetry. She is currently working on a short story collection examining 50 years of social, cultural, and political changes in the U.S.A and a novel set in ancient India.

Andrés Torres Scott came to Edmonton from Mexico City in 2010, searching for a peaceful place to write and live. He writes fiction and nonfiction in order to understand life, people, and cause and effect. He’s happy writing nonfiction in English but definitely leans to Spanish when writing fiction. He was the recipient of the International 2007 Rosario Castellanos Novella Prize. He’s a frequent blogger, and has been shortlisted in both Spanish and English short story contests across the continent.

Norma Vidal is a resident of Edmonton who was born in Chile and came to Canada after she lost everything of importance in the military coup. She is a visual artist, stage artist, and writer whose stories, articles, and cartoons have been published in Latin American magazines and newspapers in Mexico, Edmonton, and Calgary. She is also the illustrator of numerous books. Her current focus is on writing short fiction.

Yukari F. Meldrum is a Certified Translator (Canada) who also writes and reads whatever and whenever she feels like it. Although translation and interpretation tend to be the majority of what she does, she also enjoys writing poems, essays, short stories, and columns in both English and Japanese. She was a closet writer for a long time and came out of the closet only a few years ago. She now has an ambition of writing her first novel.

Sharmila Pokharel was born and raised in Nepal and immigrated to Canada in 2010. She has published two collections of poetry in the Nepali language, and her writing has garnered her various awards. Besides poetry, she has written short stories, articles, and she is presently working on a novel. She has a background in civil engineering, but considers literature to be her best friend.


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